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Special Issue: Code Red - the movie: a multi-perspective simulation scenario of traumatic major haemorrhage management

WGP Niven, WJ English, NA Davies, AE Weaver and R Tallach

(A 1-1, Surgical education; Surgical simulation; Healthcare simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2018.A001, 11 September 2018)

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Special Issue: Development of haptic caries simulation for dental education

Cecilie Osnes and Andrew Keeling

(B 8-8, Dentistry; Healthcare simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2017.B008, 11 May 2017)

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Special Issue: Developing and implementing haptic surgical rehearsal in dentistry

Andrew Keeling and Cecilie Osnes

(B 7-7, Dentistry; Healthcare simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2017.B007, 11 May 2017)

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Special Issue: Authenticity, stress and debriefing: learning through simulation

Ken Spearpoint

(B 5-5, Healthcare simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2017.B005, 11 May 2017)