Oral presentation

Special Issue: Grasping improvements in laparoscopic surgery

J Chandler, D Jones, B Moxley-Wyles, J Barrie, GW Taylor and PR Culmer

(B 9-9, Laparoscopic surgery; Surgical simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2017.B009, 11 May 2017)

Original article

Single-incision laparoscopic surgery operative performance by experienced surgeons: a randomized trial comparing articulating versus standard straight instruments

Georgios Pafitanis, Damjan Veljanoski and Bijendra Patel

( 43-48, Laparoscopic surgery; Surgical simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2016.0007, 31 December 2016)

Original article

Unsupervised use of laparoscopic box trainers in a cohort of UK core surgical trainees

Joanne E. Bennett, Jane V. Carter, Chris J. Foy, Caroline D. Rodd and Robert J. Longman

( 32-42, Laparoscopic surgery; Surgical education; Surgical simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2016.0006, 30 December 2016)

Original article

Does monitor position influence visual-motor performance during minimally invasive surgery?

Alan D. White, Faisal Mushtaq, Rachael K. Raw, Oscar T. Giles, Imogen C. Crook, James Tomlinson, Danilo Miskovic, J. Peter A. Lodge, Richard M. Wilkie and Mark Mon-Williams

( 1-7, Laparoscopic surgery; Surgical simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2016.0001, 20 June 2016)

Original article

Influence of camera navigation training on team performance in virtual reality laparoscopy

T. Huber, M. Paschold, H. Lang and W. Kneist

( 35-39, Laparoscopic surgery; Surgical education, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2015.0008, 01 July 2015)

Original article

The effect of different single ports on performance in single-incision laparoscopic surgery

Georgios Pafitanis Sofronis Loizides and Bijendra Patel;

( 6-11, Laparoscopic surgery; Surgical simulation, DOI: 10.1102/2051-7726.2015.0002, 09 February 2015)