Journal of Surgical Simulation 2021; 8: A: 16 - 16

Published: 30 June 2021


Meeting abstract

Special Issue: Initial non-surgical management of surgical emergencies for foundation doctors

Hamza Mughal
Corresponding author: Hamza Mughal, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. Email:


This year I set up an online virtual teaching project on the acute management of surgical emergencies commonly encountered as a foundation doctor. This project stems from my own experience working on-call in general surgery and the emergency department. The project aimed to improve outcomes for these surgical patients but to also improve discussion between colleagues to identify and prioritise acutely unwell and unstable patients that may require immediate surgery. Teaching sessions are held via video link using Microsoft Teams. These sessions focus on the initial management of patients who present with acute surgical emergencies. The program emphasises how foundation doctors should manage acutely unwell patients with a specific focus on the following aspects: investigations, criteria for diagnosis, initial non-surgical management and discussion with surgical colleagues. These sessions are completely peer-led; foundation trainees presented common surgical emergencies which they had previously managed, with additional support provided by senior doctors or surgeons, to focus in on learning objectives. With this teaching programme, we hope to improve the initial management of unwell surgical patients but also improve handover to surgical colleagues improving patient prioritisation and safety. The teaching program is also incorporated into a QI project where I am looking into how junior doctors can improve the handover of general surgical patients. The initial feedback from the program has shown that foundation doctors feel more confident in managing unwell surgical patients.


virtual teaching; surgical emergencies; foundation doctors; acutely unwell patients

Additional Information

This presentation was given at the SES 2020 online conference, 4 July 2020.