Review article

Low-cost simulation systems for surgical training: a narrative review

Dhananjaya Sharma, Vikesh Agrawal, Jitin Bajaj and Pawan Agarwal

( 33-52 DOI:, 09 March 2021)

Original article

Assessing round window depiction in a virtual reality environment for cochlear implantation

Justin T. Lui, Garrett D. Locketz, Joseph C. Dort, Joseph M. Chen, Justin K. Chau, Sonny K. Chan, Sumit K. Agrawal, J. Kenneth Salisbury and Nikolas H. Blevins

( 85-91 DOI:, 02 February 2021)

Original article

Simulation training: a novel and effective way to improve knowledge and attitudes towards coroner’s court attendance

Kathryn M. O’Shea, Rachel Harwood, Joanna Crichton, Michelle Perrigo and Sarah Wood

( 80-84 DOI:, 14 December 2020)

Original article

Development and validation of an inexpensive home-made laparoscopic trainer for surgical training

Chin Li Tee and David Alexander Grieve

( 92-97 DOI:, 30 November 2020)

Original article

Who should be teaching vaginal hysterectomy on a task trainer? A multicenter randomized trial of peer versus expert coaching

Christina M. Escobar, Dominique Malacarne Pape, Kimberly L. Ferrante, Meleen Chuang, Demian Szyld and Veronica Lerner

( 63-72 DOI:, 26 November 2020)

Original article

Enhancement of medical student perception of surgical specialization with peer-assisted laparoscopic simulation: a pilot study

Jordan J. Baechle, Alexander M. Lopez, Jyotsna Thota, Mitchell F. Bowers, Paula Marincola Smith and Regina S. Offodile

( 73-79 DOI:, 24 November 2020)


Safety of online surgical training resources

Michael Edwards

( 57-62 DOI:, 24 November 2020)


Observational clinical human reliability analysis (OCHRA) for assessing and improving quality of surgical performance: the current status and future

Benjie Tang

( 53-56 DOI:, 02 November 2020)

Original article

A low-cost phantom for ultrasound-guided thyroid fine-needle aspiration training: face and construct validity

David Z. Liao, Vikas Mehta, Eugenie Du, Vafa Tabatabaie, I. Martin Levy, Richard V. Smith and Marc J. Gibber

( 24-32 DOI:, 02 November 2020)

Meeting report

How do we safeguard and improve the healthcare workforce for doctors? Society for Healthcare Reform, 2 March 2020

Colin Elton

( 16-23 DOI:, 02 November 2020)

Original article

Comparison of verbal, graphical and kinaesthetic cues for instructing pedicle screw cannulation angles within a virtual environment

Stewart McLachlin, Antony H. Bateman, Albert J. Yee and Cari Whyne

( 8-15 DOI:, 02 November 2020)

Original article

Conflicting intra-departmental views on the importance of simulation in general surgery

K. Brandon Lang, Todd F. Hoover, Marie Hunsinger and Mohsen Shabahang

( 1-7 DOI:, 08 July 2020)