Reducing patient errors and deaths โ€“ and therefore surgical proficiency โ€“ has become a national priority. In the rapidly developing field of laparoscopic surgery, with obstacles such as the reduction of working hours by legislation, it has become difficult to provide the necessary training in the operating room. The simulation of surgery provides a safe and motivating learning environment and contributes substantially to patient safety. Scientific data supports its effective use in training and assessment, proving transfer of skills to the live operating theatre.

Our experience so far suggests that it is important to have dedicated supervising personnel and suitable time allocated for training by simulation. Without this a surgical training curriculum is incomplete.
Surgical skills acquired as a result of training on simulators are not procedure specific but improve overall surgical skills, thereby translating into superior performance of live operations.

The key challenges in surgical education and training are:

  1. Less teaching time for surgeons and trainees
  2. Consultant lead practice
  3. Greater number of procedures โ€“ and more complex high risk procedures
  4. Operating theatre cost and the efficiency of training
  5. National focus on error and cost of medical care

The London Surgical Simulation Academy (LSSA)

LSSA is the world's first academy to establish a curriculum for acquiring surgical skills by simulation for Masters' courses in the fields of gynaecology, orthopaedics, and urology. The academy has also established multi-specialty curricula for short courses and Diplomas.

At LSSA excellence in hands-on training by simulation is the central theme. LSSA provides an optimum environment for personal, academic and career development, thereby accelerating the surgical training and improving surgical skills that are essential for building confidence and competence in the operating theatre.

For more information contact Mr Bijendra Patel, Director of Surgical Skills: [javascript protected email address]