Journal of Surgical Simulation 2023; 10: 29 - 31

Published: 10 August 2023



The importance of considering social sciences in the assessment of non-technical skills in surgical simulation exercises

Lara Poitrin, Axelle Chavanon, Jean-Paul Cikwanine Buhendwa, Ludovic Martin and Souhil Lebdai
Corresponding author: Lara Poitrin, CREM, IRG-IAE Rennes 1, 11 Rue Jean MaceĀ“, 35700 Rennes, France. Email:


Non-technical skills are important to ensure a safe surgical practice and are frequently considered in surgical simulation evaluations. The non-technical skill assessment tools currently in use are interesting. However, greater consideration of the social sciences literature in the evaluation of soft skills could lead to their better assessment: consideration of additional concepts, more detailed assessment of the items considered in the existing grids and better methodological design.


social science; NTS; simulation; methodology