Journal of Surgical Simulation 2015; 2: 25 - 30

Published: 30 June 2015



Special Issue: The patient experience as a catalyst for change

Margaret Murphy
Corresponding author: Margaret Murphy, 33 Tracton Place, Montenotte, Cork, Ireland. Email:


Using personal and family experience of healthcare, issues which need to be addressed and the core values which need to be present when striving to achieve excellence in public service delivery are identified. Robust systems, adherence to guidance and protocols together with meaningful engagement with the end-user are essential ingredients to deliver on the public’s expectation that care be safe and quality assured.

Organisational credibility is measured by the degree to which certain, non-negotiable attributes are demonstrated and clearly visible.  These attributes include acceptance of organisational and individual responsibility and accountability.  It is necessary that core values centre on the exercise of professionalism in a culture that facilitates transparency, open communication and demonstration of integrity, especially in the aftermath of adverse events.

A style of leadership which engages with patients and insists that error is acknowledged in a way that facilitates learning and prevention of recurrence will not only advance healing for those involved but will also boost public confidence and enhance the reputation of individuals and the organisation.


Patient safety; patient experience

Additional Information

This presentation was given at "Striving Towards the High Reliability Organisation", Fourth Annual Simulation Conference, Homerton University Hospital, London UK on 11 December 2014.