Journal of Surgical Simulation 2015; 2: A: 7 - 7

Published: 30 June 2015


Oral presentation

Special Issue: Checklists, never events, and Lifebox

Ed Fitzgerald
Corresponding author: Ed Fitzgerald, Clinical Advisor, Lifebox Foundation, 21 Portland Place London, W1B 1PY, UK . Email:


A global perspective on patient safety is presented, with a focus on the work of the Lifebox Foundation charity.

The current data surrounding the high perioperative risks in resource poor countries is detailed, together with the contributing factors for these. In addition, patient safety closer to home is discussed, with a focus on NHS ‘Never Events’.

The origins and implementation of the WHO surgical safety checklist is detailed, reviewing recent evidence around its use and benefits. Problems surrounding this are discussed and the strategies that the Lifebox Foundation has developed for specific low and middle income country (LMIC) settings are described.

The origins and development of the Lifebox Foundation is reviewed, including current work and recent experiences from the Republic of Congo and Rwanda implementing the WHO Checklist. In addition, the work the charity undertakes supplying affordable and robust medical-specification pulse oximeters and training to countries in need, in what can sometimes be difficult and complex clinical settings, is described.


Checklists; never events; patient safety

Additional Information

This presentation was given at "Striving Towards the High Reliability Organisation", Fourth Annual Simulation Conference, Homerton University Hospital, London UK on 11 December 2014.