Journal of Surgical Simulation 2015; 2: A: 8 - 8

Published: 30 June 2015


Oral presentation

Special Issue: The future of patient safety

Marc Lazarovici
Corresponding author: Marc Lazarovici, Human Simulation Center,Institute for Emergency Medicine, Medical Center, Munich University, Germany. Email: Marc Lazarovici,


In this  short lecture  participants were offered a global view of the medical field compared with other high-risk environments, as presented during the one-day conference.  A perspective on the potential future development of modern medicine was also offered with a special regard to the commitment to increase patient safety.

The work of medical teams should increasingly be regarded as such and not as the work of highly qualified, but somewhat autistic individuals, working in parallel at best, against each other at worst. A cultural shift is necessary to achieve high safety levels, and it is nowadays that this shift is happening.


Patient safety

Additional Information

This presentation was given at "Striving Towards the High Reliability Organisation", Fourth Annual Simulation Conference, Homerton University Hospital, London, UK, on 11 December 2014