Journal of Surgical Simulation 2017; 4: 5 - 9

Published: 07 July 2017



Advances in Surgery Channel: the future of surgical education

Beatriz Martin-Perez, Gabriel Diaz del Gobbo, Hugo De Lacy, Steven D. Wexner and Antonio M. Lacy
Corresponding author: Hugo De Lacy, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona, Villarroel 170, 08036 Barcelona, Spain. Email:


The Advances in Surgery (AIS) Channel was created in 2013 as an initiative that offers universal access to high-quality and cutting-edge surgical learning content, produced by elite international surgeons, with the aim of creating a unique learning experience. Universal access, quality of the procedures, and the goal of excellence in all its services differentiate this platform from its competitors. Surgical procedures compiled in our library range from the elementary to the highly specialized, performed by highly skilled surgeons worldwide and supported by the latest technology. Users from all training levels – from medical students to senior surgeons and their teams – are able to navigate through the Courses, Open Classroom, Live Surgeries, and Live Congresses sections and communicate with doctors by posting their questions and views, read the latest news, techniques, and skills, all within the reach of a single click. The future of the AIS Channel lies in its technical innovations, starting with the design of mobile apps (multicam and virtual reality-based), which will soon be launched. The AIS team is committed to making knowledge more electronically accessible from any electronic device. To summarize, the AIS Channel is a platform for excellence in surgery that has had an amazing impact on the global surgical community, enabling all surgeons to achieve excellence regardless of their geographic location.


surgery; education; learning; training; online training