Journal of Surgical Simulation 2018; 5: 31 - 33

Published: 15 November 2018



When it goes wrong, a chance to try again: ophthalmic surgical simulation training borrowed from flight-crash re-runs

Ahmed Abdelmaksoud and Nigel Terk-Howe Khoo
Corresponding author: Ahmed Abdelmaksoud, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield, UK. Email:


Surgical simulation is now a requirement in many training bodies. Ophthalmology is privileged with the existence of a high-fidelity simulation system to aid in cataract surgery training. A new model for surgical simulation in ophthalmology is proposed, borrowing from flight-crash simulations used in the aviation industry, to improve outcomes. Trainees and experienced surgeons would have the opportunity to practice increasingly challenging pre-built scenarios on a simulator to better prepare them for facing complex and unusual situations which they may not have otherwise encountered during training and clinical practice.


cataract surgery; surgical simulation; ophthalmology; flight simulation